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Scarborough Mobile Bookcase Range

Scarborough Mobile Bookcase Range – Primary School Library Shelving

Available in either a straight or curved style on lockable castors – the castors make these easy to move around your library when needed.

The curved bookcases can be used to create a half circle or rotate them to create a snaked shelving look. Combine with your straight bookcases to create different designs.

Bookcases come with 3 fixed shelves per bay. The shelf depth is 250mm – this shelf depth is deep enough to fit your non-fiction books without over hang and shallow enought that your fiction novels don’t get lost at the back of the shelves.

The bookcases have an acrylic centre divider panel. You can choose from white or go for a clear acrylic to open your shelving up and allow light in. This will also assist with visibility of students through the shelving.

All of the Scarborough bookcases are made to order in Perth, WA and are backed by a 10 year warranty.

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