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Aboriginal Art Book Box

SKU: 7242AB-5Pack

$19.75 inc GST

Contemporary Aboriginal Art – Elizabeth Richards branded Book boxes.

This specially commissioned artwork was created by DJ Mate, an award-winning contemporary Aboriginal artist.

DJ Mate was inspired by the traditional stories of the Dharawal People as told by Frances Bodkin in her book The Annual Cycle The Season of Ngoonungi.

Start your journey on the left side of the box as the Ngoonumgi, the Grey-Headed Flying Fox, gather in vast numbers as the sun sinks below the horizon. Then we follow the possum footprints to the front panel of the box as the snarling, growling sounds of their nocturnal battles can be heard. Finally, as we move to the right side of the box, gentle rains are falling. Restrictions on eating crabs, yabbies, shellfish, prawn and lobsters are lifted and feasting on the beaches occurs.

A description of each illustration and its significance is included on the back so you can share this beautiful story with your class.

270mm High x 170mm Wide x 250mm Deep.

These sturdy book boxes are perfect for classroom storage.

Sold in Packs of 5.

Item Number: 7242AB-5Pack

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Weight 1.05 kg
Dimensions 43 × 41 × 2 cm