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Acrylic Series Book Holder


From: $25.00


This dual purpose holder can be used on the shelf or as a desktop display.

This Acrylic Series Book Holder is designed to display your collections front facing.

Can be inserted onto shelves between books to give front facing display mid shelf or can be used anywhere throughout the library to display books to users.

The front feet stop the holder from getting lost into the shelf so you keep your front facing books where they can be easily seen.

When using these on a desk the feet create a slight backward tilt to help retain books correctly in the holder whilst also displaying your books at a better angle for viewing from a lower height.

Made from durable clear acrylic with a choice of 2 depths making these a great way to display your series books to get them noticed.

  • 4.5mm Clear Acrylic
  • Showcase collections front facing.
  • Measurements: Small 150mm Deep x 150mm High.
  • Measurements: Large 210mm Deep x 150mm High.


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