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SKU: E9140



The ideal stool to stay focused & concentrate.

The Activ stool is actually impossible to sit on, no lying back, so slouching & definitely no sitting still.

With a rotating convex base the stool forms one leg of a stable tripod, your own legs provide the other two parts.
That means you are constantly flexing, adjusting & moving.

The coolest thing about the Activ Stool is that it is gas height adjustable. That means it fits a huge range of students & just about any application.
Heights adjustment range from 400mm – 500mm.

  • Product Code #E9140
  • (400mm – 500mm) 100mm Seat Height Adjustment Range.
  • Soft, Fabric covered convex seat pad.
  • Light weight & durable polypropylene seat frame with under- seat grip, handle for easy transport.
  • Slip – resistant TPE base pad that provides stability during dynamic sitting.
  • Colour options: Orange, Blue, White (green top) or Red.
  • Pneumatic cylinder button (pull to raise/ lower seat).