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Avery L7651 A4 Laser Spine Labels

SKU: 1973

$45.00 inc GST

Plain white spine labels designed for use with most popular databases and word processing software.


  • Individual Label Size: 38.1mm x 21.2mm
  • Total Number of Labels per pack: 1625 Labels
  • 25 A4 Flat Sheets per pack/ 65 Labels per Sheet
  • Each Sheet: 5 labels across & 13 labels down.
  • Brand: Avery.

(please note some clients have had issues with their printer and Word not printing labels correctly. They have saved their document as a PDF and used the printer settings in the PDF printer to print the labels).

Product Code: 1973



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Weight 0.10 kg
Dimensions 21 × 30 × 1 cm