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Brainstorm White Board Tables


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No longer is a table just a table. Our range of white board tables allow you to use the table top as a white board surface.

Perfect for collaborative learning, group discussion and small teacher-led activities in the classroom.

Our Brainstorm Whiteboard Tables are available in a range of sizes and heights and custom sizes are also available if you need something with different dimensions.

  • Our Brainstorm tables are locally made in Western Australia.
  • They have a fully-welded 25mm steel frame, with 32mm square tube legs.
  • The top is an 18mm whiteboard laminated MDF board with white ABS edging.
  • Use with our Neon Whiteboard Markers to add some colour to your brainstorming.

Item Numbers:

1026A: 1200mm Long x 600mm Wide x 720mm High.

1026B: 1500mm Long x 750mm Wide x 720mm High.

1026C: 1800mm Long x 750mm Wide x 720mm High.

1026D: 1800mm Long x 900mm Wide x 720mm High.

1026E: Drafting Desk 1500mm Long x 750mm Wide x 890mm High.

1026F: Drafting Desk 1800mm Long x 900mm Wide x 890mm High.


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