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Ezee Shopping Trolley


From: $250.00


Our mini shopping trolleys give your customers an easy to move trolley for gathering books from your library.

Designed to nest inside each other means storing these trolleys is neat and compact.

The trolleys will hold 2 Library Baskets allowing customers to place their books on the trolley while they browse.

  • Robust and easily manoeuvrable steel shopping trolley.
  • Ezee trolley is designed to hold two shopping baskets. Baskets sold separately.
  • A very handy trolley that takes up minimal space when nesting, each trolley only adds 110mm to the length of a trolley row.

Trolley Dimensions: 1000mm High x 500mm Wide x 340mm Deep.


  • 5 Years Warranty (Trolley only)


  • Item will arrive fully assembled



Item Numbers:

7060: Trolley Only

7060-1954: Trolley with 2 Baskets

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