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Acrylic Feature Filler Display Easel


From: $45.95


Display your new releases and also enjoy the added benefit of keeping the rest of your collection upright on the shelf.

Not only does this acrylic display showcase your book of choice, it also doublesĀ as a book end to help keep the rest of your books supported on the shelf.

Feature Fillers work well with a large range of books.

3 sizes available depending on what size of book you would like to display.

You can change the look of a shelving area in minutes and make everyone think you have lots of new books by moving your Feature Fillers around regularly.

Supplied with free graphic inserts, choose between:- fiction quotations, teen quotations or non-fiction quotations.

Item Numbers:

7016 – Medium 255mm High x 175mm Wide x 230mm Deep.
7017 – Large 255mm High x 195mm Wide x 230mm Deep.

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