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Flip Magazine Display


From: $850.00


Our range of magazine displayers allow you to display your magazine covers so people can view your selection with ease.

Behind each flip shelf is a compartment which allows you to store multiple copies or back issues of your titles.

Simply lift up the shelf to access and store up to 25 magazines behind each display shelf.

With a choice of a 10 or 20 bay unit keeping your magazines in order has never been easier.

Choose the colour of your unit from the Formica Commercial colour range.

  • Made locally in the Formica Commercial colour range.
  • Small Unit dimensions: 1800mm High x 550mm Wide x 400mm Deep.
  • Large Unit dimensions: 1800mm High x 1020mm Wide x 400mm Deep.
  • Compartment dimensions: 250mm High x 250mm Wide x 310mm Deep.

Item Numbers:

6014 – Small Unit  (10 Compartments)
6015 – Large Unit  (20 Compartments)



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