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Footrest Z-Rest Drafting MK1


From: $265.00


The Z-Rest footrest is not only the most durable footrest on the market but also out performs other footrests with the range of height and angle adjustment it provides.

The Drafting Z-Rest gives you all the adjustment of the MK1 with an added height base to suit higher work stations.

Quick and easy height and angle adjustments in seconds.

Available in both a carpet or rubber top.

New sturdy anodised aluminium construction from a local WA supplier.

The Z-rest is a very popular choice for anyone in the market for a footrest. There are over 20 height and angle combinations which make this one of the most suited footrests for most users.

The Z-rest is a fixed position footrest weighted so it doesn’t move around under foot.

Height Range from 150mm to 330mm.




Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 47 × 33 × 10 cm