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Gecko in a Box – Window Art




Gecko in a box is a pre cut self adhesive textile that can be applied to any glass surface. Gecko in a Box has been heavily stylized to transmit contemporary aesthetic. it offers privacy & glare protection. Ones imagination can go wild & experiment with Gecko in a box as it can be replace several times & leave no residue, and loses none of its adhesive power. A small booklet with several design application options is included to give inspiration.

#7188 Coleo: It features 25 leaf shapes containing 2 leaf sizes (Available in Whit or Light Yellow)

#7189 Butterflies: Comes with 16 Butterflies. (Available in White or Colourful)

#7190 Rotondo: The Box contains 27 pieces. (Available in White/Grey or Multi Coloured)

#7191 Bubbles: The box contains 39 Pieces. (Available in Multi Coloured)