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IPad Charge Wall 12 Units

SKU: T1003

$1,895.00 inc GST

IPad Charge Wall 12 Units

Power up! This slim storage enclosure is perfect for charging and securing up to 12 tablets and Chromebooks. It’s designed to be compatible with a wide variety of manufacturers like Microsoft, Samsung, Apple, Lenovo, HP, Dell, Amazon, Asus, Acer and many others. Features include a space-saving profile and easy device access with Show & Stow technology.

Includes charging and storage cabinet, wall-mounting bracket, mounting hardware for wood stud, concrete and hollow-wall installation, installation template, 6-foot (1.8 m) power cord, key
Total Capacity: 12 devices
† Individual device maximum dimensions = 30.2 x 22.6 x 2.5 cm including case and cord
‡ Individual device maximum weight = 1.4 kg. Total rated weight capacity = 20.1 kg
Product Dimensions: 67 W x 91 H x 15cm D