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Kensington Conform Back Support

SKU: E9971

$69.00 inc GST

This Kensington SmartFit Conform Back Rest is designed to support your entire back without adding pressure to your spine and dissipate pressure while you sit.

With movable parts to each side of your spine allows the backrest to mould to your shape giving great lateral support.

It contains 4 independent springs and a memory foam construction to respond to your body shape and provide support accordingly.

The SmartFit System lets you measure, adjust and fit the back rest to your ideal comfort colour setting.

  • You can easily fit this back rest onto most office chairs.
  • It is designed to provide additional support while you’re sitting to prevent back pain.
  • The back rest has a memory foam construction to dissipate pressure and 4 independent springs which articulate when you shift your posture.
  • It has a simple black design to help blend in.
  • It has a leather-like bottom which won’t slip around on your chair while you’re sitting.
  • It has a fabric cover which can be removed and washed as necessary.
  • Quick and easy to fit onto your seat.

Additional information

Weight 1.3 kg
Dimensions 43 × 15 × 40 cm