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Lockable Floor Stand for iPad

SKU: 9022

$450.00 inc GST

Secure tablet floor stand.

Supports tablets with a 9.7″ screen size.

The home button is covered allowing you to set the app you want your users to have access too.

The secure tablet stand features a lockable holder that helps protect your tablet from loss or damage. Plus, you can screw the base of the steel and aluminum stand into the floor, to create a fixed-in-place holder.

The stand can be set to display in either portrait or landscape positions.

Fixed height stand set to 1.060 metres high.

Built in cable management to ensure a tidy display.

To power your tablet, discreetly thread the tablet’s charge cable through the pillar style stand.

2 year warranty.

– Secure Metal Tablet Enclosure with Fixed Height to 1.060 metre
– Supports iPad iPad Air iPad Pro with 9.7in Screen Size
– Locking Tablet Holder