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Mobile Metal Poster Rack with Sleeves

SKU: 7141-Metal

$499.00 inc GST

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Store your posters and maps safely in this purpose designed mobile poster rack.

This flip through poster rack is suitable for storing large posters up to 750mm High x 1000mm Wide.

The rack is finished with lockable castors and a strong, powder-coated frame and includes 30 durable poster sleeves allowing you to store up to 60 items back to back.

The Poster Holder frame will accommodate up to 50 sleeves, giving you amazing capacity to store more than 100 posters safely free from damage and dust!

The sleeves measure 75.5cm high x 105 cm wide and are constructed from heavy duty plastic with a stiff card insert that will keep your posters looking great.

Additional Poster Sleeves can be purchased separately.

Dimensions: 65cm high x 112cm wide x 70cm deep



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