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Welcome the latest model of the ever popular Evoluent Mouse.

The C Series offers the user an ergonomic shape that supports your hand in an upright neutral posture which in turn eliminates forearm twisting.

This mouse features longer buttons and pointer speed indicators

5 button programming and optional scroll wheel  which can be customised through the Evoluent Mouse Manager available at the following link –

Right Hand Model only available. Options of corded or wireless.

Windows compatible for Windows, XP, 7, 8, 10 Mac Driver included

Size: 11.9cm long x 9cm wide x 8cm high

System Requirements: USB connection. Plug & Play – Additional functions available through Evoluent Mouse Manager

1 x AA battery include in Wireless models


Do you require an ergonomic assessment for your work space?

Where an ergonomic assessment is required for your work space WA Library Supplies recommends using a qualified specialist. WorkFocus Australia is an independent company that provides these services.

WorkFocus Australia undertake Ergonomic (Workstation) Assessments to review an employee’s workstation in order to assist to reduce the risk of injury and maximise productivity.

The assessment can be brief or comprehensive in nature depending upon reported symptoms / diagnosis.

The aim of the Ergonomic Assessment is to review the current workstation, make recommendations regarding assistive equipment or work practice modifications that will assist a worker to recover from an injury or prevent aggravation of an injury and ensure maximum comfort at work.

All assessments are conducted by experienced Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists or Exercise Physiologists.


If you require further information please contact us

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