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Neschen Gudy Roller Dot

SKU: 9001

$7.00 inc GST

The versatile problem solver for any sticking task.

Everything blu-tak can do but with no mess or oily residue.

Clever adhesive dots come right off the roll from an easy-to-handle dispenser making applying a breeze.

The adhesive surfaces are created in a dotted pattern.

The adhesive sticks quickly and easily and can be removed completely after use. Simply rub off the dots with your finger and you will never know it was there.

How easy it is?
●    Roll adhesive dots onto the media.
●    Stick the media onto the desired surface – done
●    If desired, just pull the medium off the surface again and
simply rub off the dots with your finger.




Uses include:

  • Flexible Mounting of Prints, Photos and other Media
  • Quick mounting of posters or leaflets
  • Simple and safe sticking of photos
  • Use for collages, art and craft
  • Attaching return slips and due date slips in books
  • Attaching book pockets into library books

Neschen Gudy Roller Dot – 10m x 8.4mm

Item Number: 9001

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Additional information

Weight .4 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 5 cm