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Wire OHP Trolley


From: $340.00


With the added benefit of the top shelf this wire basket trolley is perfect to use with your overhead projector or laptop.

Securely place your projector or laptop on the top shelf to easily move around your library or classroom safely.

Finished with 2 wire baskets underneath giving plenty of storage for files, papers, books and other items you may need to transport around.

The OHP trolley features 50mm heavy duty castors and a lightweight frame for easy mobility.

Trolley Dimensions:

  • Trolley Size: 910mm H x 600mm W x 450mm D
  • Top Basket: 475mm Wide x 400mm Deep x 120mm High
  • Bottom Basket: 475mm Wide x 400mm Deep x 200mm High
  • Shelf Size¬†443mm W x 400mm D.

Standard Colour Option:

  • White

Customer Colour Options: