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Workfit-TL Black

SKU: E9157

$695.00 inc GST

The Workfit-TL is the ultra easy standing desk solution, which quickly converts a standard desk into a healthy sit-stand workstation. Simply place the WorkFit-TL on an open surface and you’re ready to work! Unit comes fully assembled just remove from box and get standing.

The WorkFit-TL features a larger keyboard tray and wider worksurface. The mechanism design will save you space as it moves straight up and down, always staying within the footprint of your desktop. Extremely stable throughout its range of motion, one can freely lean on it while working without the worry of tipping or height-drop.

Footprint = 95 x 59 cm
Fits on desk surfaces 61 cm deep or larger
Keyboard tray dimensions = 69 x 28 cm
Keyboard moves in tandem with the worksurface. Tray is positioned 11.4 cm below worksurface to maintain ergonomic spacing between screen height and keyboard
Weight Capacity 4.5 – 18kg
Lift 38.1cm
5 Year Warranty


Additional information

Weight 26.5 kg
Dimensions 97 × 66 × 22 cm