Library Relocation Services

Are you needing to move your books and shelving?

WA Library Supplies recommends using a specialist removing company that understands the specific needs of moving your library collection.

We recommend Office Relocation Solutions. They have a specialist team dedicated to library moving.

They offer services in:

  •  Cataloging
  • Sequential packing and unpacking
  • Interfiling and integration
  • Dismantling/erection of library racking and shelving
  • Crate hire for books and equipment
  • Storage: Short and long-term storage solutions to fit your library project
  • To ensure your move goes to plan, our library consultants work very closely with,
  • Librarians
  • Curators
  • Designers, and
  • Project Managers

Office Relocation Solutions contact details can be found on their website:

Library & Museum Relocations