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Book Bags with Metal Hangers


From: $6.10

Keep your collection organised and safe with our book bags with inbuilt hanger.

Protect and display your valuable resources with these extra strong book bags.

Inbuilt flap keeps books dust and moisture-free.

Available in 4 convenient sizes to sort a range of material.

Need somewhere to store your bags? Our Big Book Frame with Hooks is a great way to house your materials.

Item Number – 7168 SMALL 365mm H x 300mm W
Item Number – 7169 MEDIUM 450mm H x 365mm W
Item Number – 7170 STANDARD 600mm H x 500mm W
Item Number – 7171 LARGE 760mm H x 510mm W

Measurements are based on the height from seam to seam and the width from edge to edge. This is the internal storage measurements of the bag.


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