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Bostik Blu-Tack

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The ideal multi purpose removable adhesive useful for endless application.

A must have stationery item for all libraries, classroom and offices.

Mount your signs, photos, posters and notes quickly and easily and have the ability to remove them without any fuss.

A permanent plastic reusable material which is also great for moulding and modelling with.

Will not shrink, dry or harden and can be used time and time again.

75g Pack size.

Designed to stick to:

  • Non-porous surfaces
  • Vinyl
  • Coated wallpaper
  • Painted surfaces
  • Glass
  • Metal

Ideal for a thousand and one uses including:

  • Create 3D models
  • Create fantastic murals on your window or wall
  • Hold up posters
  • Cards
  • Children’s paintings
  • Certificates
  • Hold telephones, mouse mats and calculators in place
  • Hold ornaments to shelves, photos in albums
  • Safely store pins, keys, screws and other small objects
  • Clean fluff from fabric and dirt from computersas well as remove dust from hard to get at places

Item Number: 0184


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Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 1 cm