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Brother P-touch H105 Labeller

SKU: 7090

$75.00 inc GST

User Guide

Keep your items in order with this clever label maker.

Great for labelling your storage boxes.

Label your shelves and trays to make it easy to locate items.

Convenient portable label machine that you use anywhere you need.


  • Easy to view, large 12-character x 1 line guidance LCD display.
  • Prints TZ labels up to 12mm wide on laminated indoor/outdoor tape.
  • Easy to hold, comfortable grip.
  • Prints 1 to 2 lines of large crisp text.
  • Font Sizes: 3 kinds (Extended, Medium, Condensed)
  • Font Names: Normal, Bold, Outline, Shadow, Italic, Italic Bold, Italic Outline, Italic Shadow, Vertical
  • Handheld, portable use for more convenience.
  • Separate number keys & letter keys for easy input.
  • Built-in manual cutter.
  • Powered by an adapter or batteries.

Colour: White Face.


Item Number: 7090

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Additional information

Weight 1.0 kg
Dimensions 18 × 10 × 5 cm