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Cipherlab 1504P 2D Scanner

SKU: 6767

$295.00 inc GST

Maximise your productivity and performance with this fast, reliable 2D handheld scanner.

The 1504P corded 2D handheld barcode scanner presents an economical solution for user demand on reading 2D barcodes.

Adopting white illumination and an aiming aid, the 1504P delivers efficient scanning performance, even on color barcodes.

Crafted for Point Of Sale applications to capture various kinds of barcodes, the 1504P is able to read 1D and 2D barcodes of high density, along with the ones shown on mobile phones.

The option of autosense scanning adds extra convenience and comfort for workers handling large amounts of scanning.

CipherLab 1504P is a great choice for your productivity.


  • An economical solution with performance and efficiency.
  • Supports ID and 2D barcodes, with capability to read high density (3 mm) 1D barcodes.
  • Combining white LED illumination and an red LED aid for easy color barcode reading.
  • Built to withstand multiple 1.2 meter drops onto concrete.
  • Option of hands-free-scanning for busy and active retail applications

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