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Clear Acrylic Mobile Newspaper Stand

SKU: 6012

From: $987.00

Lightweight mobile newspaper stand.

Lightweight clear acrylic newspaper display stand on castors so it can be moved around easily when required.

Each angled shelf is 420mm x 320mm Perfect fit for the West Australian Newspaper or larger newspapers folded in half.

Each shelf has an upturned front lip 100mm high for retention of multiple newspapers.

The acrylic frame is made from a high quality 5mm thick clear acrylic.

The unit has wheels and is lightweight so it can be moved around easily.

Overall Dimensions: 3 Tier – 1200mm High (back) x 1070mm High (front) x 400mm Wide x 440mm Deep.

Overall Dimensions: 4 Tier – 1500mm High (back) x 1370mm High (front) x 400mm Wide x 440mm Deep.

Angled shelf dimensions: 420mm x 320mm

  • Angled newspaper display shelves with 100mm front lip
  • Made from 5mm clear acrylic
  • On castors
  • Made in Perth, WA
  • 5 year warranty


Item Number: 6012

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