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Expandastand Wall Brochure Combo – 8 x A4

SKU: 1036

$106.00 inc GST

Combination wall mounted displays are a versatile and efficient way to display different sized brochures and magazines.

This combination set holds:

  • 8 x A4 Clipback Brochure Holders

Alternatively you can design your own configuration by purchasing all the items needed separately.

The set is attached to a wall or end panel using an aluminium wall bracket. The first row of holders hang from the wall bracket. The next rows then clip onto the brochures above them.

Each row is then supported against the wall with a universal base bracket keeping the unit secure and stable.

Set includes:


  • Wall coverage: 760mm H x 450mm W
  • Depth at bottom: 140mm


  • Brochure holders  & Universal Base Brackets are made from clear high impact polystyrene
  • Wall Bracket is made from adonised aluminium

Assembly Instructions:

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Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 60 cm