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Feature Shelf Acrylic Front Facing Display

SKU: 7019

$132.00 inc GST

Transform any standard shelving into high-volume promotional space at a very low cost.

Whether you have metal or melamine shelving you can change your display option in an instant.

Overhang lip on front of stand allows you to to display at front of shelf without the display being able to be pushed to the back of the shelf. Or you can put it on top of the shelf and the books will be on angled display.

Can also be used on your counter top to display new additions to your library.

Holds up to 36 paperbacks. (Based on a book size of 130mm W x 195mm H x 12mm D)

Dimensions: 170mm H x 795mm W x 175mm D

Item Number: 7019



Additional information

Weight 1.28 kg
Dimensions 17 × 80 × 22 cm