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Fiction Acrylic Divider Vinyl Cut-Out Sign Sets




Fiction vinyl signage set

Set of 24 Fiction signs featuring the uppercase letter. A – XYZ.

The design features your choice of a coloured vinyl sign with cut-out lettering. The lettering will be the colour of the divider the label is applied to.

The labels come as a three-layer set for so that you can easily apply your labels in the correct position.

  • Top layer; see-through transparent paper
  • Middle layer; vinyl letters
  • Bottom layer; backing paper

Instructions on how to apply the vinyl lettering.

Can be use on our Acrylic Collection Dividers

For double-sided application on the Acrylic Collection Dividers order two sets.

  • Vinyl signs with cut-out lettering
  • Each sign is 245mm H x 75mm W
  • Fiction Set of 24 signs A-Z (XYZ on one sign)
  • Made from laminated vinyl
  • 9 Colours Options

Additional information

Colour Options

Magenta, Red, Orange, Lime, Green, Mid Blue, Reflex Blue, Purple, Black