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Laminating Pouches


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Add a layer of protection to your documents and photos with the Fellowes laminating pouches.

These pouches will give you long lasting protection to those items that are important to you.

They are ideal for creating notices or signage for your library.


  • Premium quality ImageLast laminating pouches for superior laminating results every time.
  • Ideal for notices, photos, signage, instructions and frequently handled documents.
  • Available in 80 and 100 micron thicknesses.
  • Gloss finish and available in A3 and A4 size.
  • Available in pack sizes of 100.
  • Compatible with all popular brands of laminators.

Laminating Pouches – Sold in Packs of 100

1258 | A4 216mm x 303mm | 80 Microns
0392 | A4 216mm x 303mm | 100 Microns
1259 | A3 303mm X 426mm | 80 Microns


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