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Paperback System

Hydestor metal shelving offers a range of display options for your paperback books.

The paperback display shelf can be used to display paperback books in a front-facing display shelf.

The shelf comes on a 12 degree backward tilt with a 195mm high back support to keep books retained on the shelf. Each shelf is 115mm deep this allows for the books to look great in a front-facing display, or with thicker novels, or hardback covers, can be used for spine-out display.

The shelf comes with a bracket set that pushes the shelf forward, which makes it perfect to use as either a top or bottom display shelf for your books so your display doesn’t get lost in the depth of your standard flat shelves. Or, the different brackets depths can be combined to create a tier waterfall display for your books.

The bracket comes in 4 depths:

  • 200mm deep
  • 250mm deep
  • 300mm deep
  • 350mm deep

Please contact us for more information on paperback shelving options for your  library.

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