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Shelf Label Holder Strips

SKU: 2633

$5.95 inc GST

Shelf Label Holders for front-facing, horizontal shelf labeling.

The shelf label holder is a transparent strip, designed to adhere to the full length of your library shelf and is used to display shelf labels. The shelf labels are inserted into the strip where needed. The labels can then be moved around easily.

Shelf labels for these holders come in a large selection of fiction, non-fiction and genre sets.

Size: 17mm H x 890mm W – will fit shelves with a front lip between 17mm – 25mm.


  • Shelf holders are designed to run along the full length of each library shelf.
  • Holders are transparent with an adhesive backing.
  • Labels are placed in the holder via an opening on the top edge, ensuring complete protection for labels
  • Shelf label holders become a permanent addition to shelving
  • Labels can be easily relocated

Size: 17mm high x 890mm length

The shelf label holder will fit perfectly on the front lip of Hydestor standard flat library shelves or any shelving with a front lip higher than 17mm.

To Install Shelf Label Holders:

Peel off adhesive backing and position the transparent holder on your shelf. Once adhered, holder becomes a permanent part of your shelving.

2633 | 17mm H x 890mm L

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Dimensions 89 × 2 × 4 cm