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Slat Wall Brochure Holder


From: $25.00

Display your brochures and magazines with our range of slat wall acrylic holders.

These brochure holders are great for displaying brochures to promote upcoming events in your library.

The A4 holder can also be used to display full page articles and magazines.

Fitted with slat wall tabs on top of holder positioning and moving these will take no time at all, simply tilt the acrylic and clip in.

This acrylic display sits flat against you slat wall panels to reduce the risk of damage to the holder.

  • Locally made from 3mm thick acrylic.
  • High front keeps brochures and magazines in position for easy reading.

Item Numbers:

2598 – A5 Slat Wall Acrylic Brochure Holder
165mm High x 165mm Wide x 35mm Deep.

2608 – Trifold Slat Wall Acrylic Brochure Holder
175mm High x 110mm Wide x 30mm Deep.

2599 – A4 Slat Wall Acrylic Brochure and Magazine Holder
250mm High x 235mm Wide x 30mm Deep.

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