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Slimline Acrylic Divider Stand


From: $26.00

Slimline stands are designed to take up less of your shelf space while still allowing you to have front facing signage.

The acrylic stands fit neatly between books and is able to stand independently.

A large selection of signage is available to adhere to the stands for fiction, non-fiction and genre signage.

Made in Australia from quality 3mm acrylic with rounded edges for safety.

Available in two depths to suit most library shelving:

  • 200mm deep stands are ideal for melamine shelving.
  • 250mm deep stands are a great choice for your metal shelving.

Dimensions: 220mm H x 55mm W x 200mm OR 250mm D.

Colour options: white or black.

  • Made from quality 3mm acrylic
  • Rounded edges for safety
  • Colours: White or Black
  • Choice of 2 depths suitable for Melamine or Metal Shelving.
  • Large selection of adhesive vinyl signs for fiction, non-fiction and genre for use with the dividers


Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 22 × 25 × 5 cm

White, Black


200mm, 250mm