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The Carissa Cube Book Displayer


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This brightly coloured display unit is an ideal way to display your new books in your library.

Organise your “What’s New” and position these in your library to encourage your students to select your latest titles.

Also can be used to display series books and other paperbacks.

The unit is finished in a white melamine with 12 feature panels to help brighten the unit and make this stand out.

Feature colours are Orange, Red, Sky Blue and Vibrant Green.

Completed with heavy duty castors so you can easily move around you library when required.

  • Unit Dimensions: 1140mm High x 600mm Wide x 600mm Deep.
  • Feature Colours: Orange, Red, Sky Blue and Vibrant Green.
  • Heavy Duty Castors.
  • 12 Pigeon holes to display books. Each 260mm Wide x 320mm High x 280mm Deep.
  • 12 Coloured panels to brighten up your space.
  • Option for Flat Packed or Assembled.

Item Number: 7236

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