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Universal Shelving – 1 Bay Double Sided Mobile – 1200mm High


From: $980.00

Our Universal Range of Bookcases is a combination of Laminex carcass with steel shelves, providing the look of a Laminex bookcase with the flexibility of a clever shelf system that allows 1 Shelf to be used 3 different ways without the need for additional brackets.

By simply positioning the shelf support pins in different configurations the shelf can be used as a 45 Degree Display Shelf, Flat Shelf or Uptilt Shelf anywhere throughout the unit. Your setup options are limitless without the need for additional brackets.

The top of the unit has a half shelf. This half-shelf is perfect for displaying signage or can be used for additional book display.

The price for the unit includes:

  • 1 x 1 Bay Double Sided Bookcase Carcass – 1200mm high
  • 4 x Adjustable Steel Shelves
  • 2 x Heavy Duty Lockable Castors
  • 2 x Heavy Duty Swivel Castors


The double-sided units are supplied with 2 lockable x castors and swivel castors – the castors make these easy to move around your library when needed.

All Universal bookcase units are made to order, locally in Perth, WA. They are backed by a 10 year warranty.

The 1200mm high unit meets WA Dept of Education Library Shelving Recommendations for Primary School libraries.

Additional shelves and clip on acrylic front facing shelves (for front facing display) can be ordered separately.

If you would like additional adjustable steel shelves – please select quantity of additional shelves from this product page – UNIVERSAL ADJUSTABLE STEEL SHELF

If you would like to add front facing flip through design acrylic shelves – please select items and quantity from this product page – UNIVERSAL FRONT FACING ACRYLIC SHELF


  • The bookcase can be made in any of the commercial Laminex colour range – see Laminex colour charts for options

(Category 1 is the most economical range).

  • The metal shelves come standard in either White Satin or Charcoal

Shelf Size:

  • The shelf is 850mm Wide x 250mm Deep and has a 60mm High Front or Back Lip.

1 Bay Double Sided unit size:

  • Overall Dimensions: 1200mm High (includes castor height) x 900mm Wide x 650mm Deep.
  • Signage Top half-shelf: 850mm W x 150mm D
  • 136.5 mm Heavy Duty Rubber Castors – 2 x locking + 2 x swivel for each unit

Shelf Clearances:

Universal book shelf 3 flat shelves  Universal library shelving 4 flat shelves    Universal shelving
  • Using 2 x steel shelves and the base of the bookcase as a shelf (3 shelves in total) the smallest shelf clearance will be: 310mm H (will fit most* fiction, non-fiction & picture books collections)
  • Using 3 x steel shelves and the base of the bookcase as a shelf (4 shelves in total) the smallest shelf clearance will be: 225mm H (this shelf clearance would only suit very small series / fiction novels)
  • Using 3 x steel shelves (3 shelves in total) the smallest shelf clearance will be: 275mm H (will fit most* fiction collections)
  • Using 4 x steel shelves (4 shelves in total) Not recommended
  • Using the shelf as a display shelf will take up 200mm of shelf clearance so you will get more shelf clearance height for your other shelves
  • Using the shelf as an uptilt shelf will require an additional 50mm so will reduce your overall shelf clearance height by 50mm for the shelf above.

* please note that this is a guide only, based on average book collections, you will need to assess your own collection to confirm if the shelf clearances are appropriate for your library.


  • 25mm Laminex E0 Vertiboard Commercial Range for carcass.
  • Steel Shelves – White Satin or Charcoal
  • 136.5 mm Heavy Duty Rubber Castors – 2 x locking + swivel castors for each unit
  • Height of unit includes the castors
  • 10 Year Warranty.
  • Made in Perth, WA.

Lead time:

  • Units are made to order in Perth and will take approximately 6 weeks.

Installation and Delivery:

Perth Metro

  • These units come fully assembled and will be delivered to your location and shelves installed
  • It is recommended that single sided units be attached to a wall – please note that attaching shelving to a wall is NOT INCLUDED in the delivery.

WA Regional

  • Depending on your location we may be able to deliver and install units. Please contact us to confirm if delivery to your location is available.

All Other States

  • At this time, we cannot ship shelving units interstate.



Additional information

Weight 100 kg
Dimensions 65 × 90 × 120 cm
Shelf Colour

White Satin, Charcoal

Bookcase Colour

Laminex Category 1, Laminex Category 2, Laminex Category 3, Laminex Category 4