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Walib Cultural & Spiritual Spine Labels



Cultural and spiritual spine labels to identify your specialist collections.

Walib spine labels are designed to make it easy to find books in your specialist collections.

More designs to come soon, but if there is a subject you would like to have a label for, contact us to have one designed for your needs.

  • Flag labels are 19mm x 24mm and come in packs of 80 labels
  • All other labels are 19mm x 19mm and come in packs of 100 labels

Each label is made from a gloss vinyl sticker.

Labels come in flat sheets making them very easy to store.

Prolong the life of all your spine labels by using  Label & Barcode Protectors

Select your label option above from the drop down menu.

  • different label styles to select from
  • Flag labels: 19mm x 24mm – 80 Stickers (Labels) per pack
  • All other styles: 19mm x 19mm – 100 Stickers (Labels) per pack
  • Permanent Self Adhesive
  • Vinyl Gloss Finish
  • Made in Australia

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Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 15 × 7 × 1 cm