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WALSCO PVC Book Covering


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WALSCO PVC is a heavy-duty, flexible and easy to use clear gloss, non adhesive covering.

For use on books where a non-adhesive / non-permanent covering is required.

Made from 100 micron REACH certified and Phthalate-free PVC.

Anti-static, so books covered with WALSCO PVC won’t stick together on the shelf.

When choosing a roll size, select a roll around 100mm taller than your largest book to allow for folding the edges.

  • Glossy finish is easy to clean and enhances the appearance
  • Durable 100 micron film
  • Folds easily and maintains creases
  • Easy to handle and will not shrink
  • Anti-static
  • Low odour
  • Various roll heights available

Recommended for use with our Crystal Clear Attaching Tape range.


The main objective of REACH is to improve protection of human health and the environment from the risks of chemicals.


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