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Checkmate Book Support

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Prolong the life of your books with these clever book supports.

Able to support both large and small books to keep the books upright and your shelves in order.

The facing side of the support also doubles as a section marker allowing you to add your own signage.

Easy to use and lightweight, these clip-on book supports are available in Black, Grey and White to match most shelving.

To use: the checkmate book supports can be used on metal shelving with a front lip of 25mm or melamine shelving that is up to 25mm thick.

measure your shelf at this point:



  • Firmly grip 25mm metal and wooden shelving.
  • Checkmate Book Supports are moulded from tough durable ABS thermoplastic.
  • The clip-on design prevents slipping and book movement keeping your books upright.
  • No sharp edges reducing damage to your books and covers.
  • Available in Black, Grey and White.
  • 222mm High x 38mm Wide x 160mm Deep.


Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 4 × 16 × 22 cm

Black, Grey, White *NEW*