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Easy Cover (Gloss Finish) – 50m Rolls


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Easy Cover Self Adhesive Book Covering is a protective cover made from 80 micron PVC which won’t shrink, yellow or crack.

For use in libraries and schools where permanent protection of books and other publications is needed.

The Easy Cover Gloss range now comes in 50 meter rolls to provide an economical purchase for large collections of books. Available in a large range of sizes to accommodate your covering requirements.

The gloss finish will provide a clean and crisp look to the book while maintaining the vibrancy of the book cover.

  • 80 Micron
  • Gloss Finish
  • 50m Rolls
  • 20 mm grid marked release paper allows easy alignment of books, and cutting in straight lines.
  • Made from PVC, non-shrinking, non-yellowing and non-crack.
  • 100% acrylic adhesive delayed bond, re-positionable, bonds permanently after 12-24 hour.
  • The book cover is acid-free, Phthalate-free and recyclable.

FREE SAMPLES AVAILABLE: please contact us to arrange a free sample to be sent to you.

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Item Numbers:

#6812 –  250mm x 50m
#6813 – 275mm x 50m
#6814 – 300mm x 50m
#6815 – 330mm x 50m
#6816 – 380mm x 50m
#6817 – 450mm x 50m
#6818 – 500mm x 50m

Buy by the carton & save 5%
250mm (Carton of 8)
270mm (Carton of 6)
300mm (Carton of 6)
330mm (Carton of 4)
380mm (Carton of 6)
450mm (Carton of 6)
500mm (Carton of 6)

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