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Genre Senior Acrylic Divider Laminated Sticker Sets


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Help you readers to discover new books in the genres they love with signage grabs their attention.

There are 28 genres in the signage set with each sign displaying the genre name and a matching graphic on a bright, eye-catching, coloured background. The genre signs and icons match our Senior Genre Spine Labels.

You can also purchase individual signs from the full range of Senior Genre subjects.

Want a different background colour? We can customise these labels to suit your library colour scheme. Contact us for more information.

These vinyl, laminated, adhesive signs are designed to be used on our Acrylic Collection Dividers

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Additional information

Weight 0.10 kg
Dimensions 25 × 8 × 3 cm

Set of 28, Fantasy, Contemporary Fiction, Graphic Novels, Manga, New Adult Fiction, Family & Relationships, Romance, LGBT, Mystery, Horror, Historical Fiction, SciFi, SteamPunk, Dystopian, Comedic Fiction, War, Biographies, Paranormal, Classics, Poetry, Adventure, Movies, Sport, Faith, Humanities, Animals, Australia, Indigenous