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Genre Senior Divider Signs Set Coloured Background



Help you readers to discover new books in the genres they love with signage grabs their attention.

There are 25 genres in the signage set with each sign displaying the genre name and a matching graphic on a bright, eye-catching, coloured background. The genre signs and icons match our Senior Genre Spine Labels.

Designed to be used in our Shelf Divider Stand Blocks

  • Set of 25 signs
  • Co-ordinates with our Senior Genre Spine Labels 
  • Available to fit shelf divider stand blocks in both 200mm high and 250mm high
  • Made from laminated vinyl
Family & Relationships Science Fiction
Fantasy Horror
Historical Fiction Comedic Fiction
Mystery Biography
Steam Punk Classics
Dystopian Fiction Graphic Novels
Manga New Adult Fiction
Contemporary Fiction Sport
Paranormal Fiction Humanities
Adventure Faith
Romance Movies


Item Numbers:

6325 – 200mm High

6315 – 250mm High


Additional information

Weight 0.10 kg
Dimensions 25 × 8 × 4 cm

250mm H x 80mm W, 200mm H x 80mm W