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Genre Senior Slimline Laminated Sticker Set

SKU: S931

$124.00 inc GST

Help you readers to discover new books in the genres they love with signage that grabs their attention.

There are 25 genres in the signage set with each sign displaying the genre name and a matching graphic on a bright, eye-catching, coloured background. The genre signs and icons match our Senior Genre Spine Labels.

Can be use on our Slimline Acrylic Divider Stands or our  Acrylic Collection Dividers

  • Laminated vinyl adhesive stickers
  • Set of 25 signs
  • Genre title and image on colourful background
  • Matches with the  Senior Genre Spine Labels. range
  • Each label is 210mm H x 40mm W
Family & RelationshipsScience Fiction
Historical FictionComedic Fiction
Steam PunkClassics
Dystopian FictionGraphic Novels
MangaNew Adult Fiction
Contemporary FictionSport
Paranormal FictionHumanities

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