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Mobile Curved Library Browser Box


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Perfect solution for displaying & storing picture books in your library.

The Mobile Curved Library Browser Box has 4 front facing, flip through style compartments on the top and 4 spine out compartments underneath.

The curved design allows more of the front cover of the book to be on display while stillĀ  keeping the books from being flicked onto the floor when browsing.

The top compartments hold approximately 20 picture books in each compartment.

The bottom shelf will hold approximately 20-30 picture books, spine out, in each compartment.

Total capacity of approximately 160 picture books.

Comes in a range of external coloured panels with neutral woodgrain shelf storage.

The range is part of the mobile browser box sets and can be mix n’ matched with the Mobile Browser Curved Seat and the Mobile Bus Browser Library Box.

The unit has the option of coming flat packed or fully assembled.

  • Holds 160 picture books.
  • Overall: 695mm High x 600mm Wide x 595mm Deep
  • 4 x Top Compartments: 270mm Wide x 270mm Deep x 180mm High.
  • 4 x Bottom Compartments: 270mm Wide x 290mm Deep x 345mm High.
  • Feature Colour: Light Blue, Light Green, Orange, Turquoise or Ultra Marine Blue.
  • Main Colour: Maple Woodgrain.
  • Made from hard wearing melamine.
  • Mobile Unit on rubber lockable castors.
  • Option of Flat Packed or Assembled.


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Item Numbers:

6935LB – Light Blue

6935LG – Light Green

6935OR – Orange

6935TU – Turquoise

6935UMB – Ultra Marine Blue

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