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Picture Book Front Facing Shelves with Display Shelf

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Hydestor metal shelving offers a range of display options for your picture books.

This is a complete unit designed to display your picture books front facing.

Each Bay hasĀ  1 x top display shelf and 2 x browser bin shelves, with dividers, and is mounted on single-sided static posts.


Top Display Shelf:

A flat shelf with a 60 mm lip on brackets that can be angled between 15 to 60 degrees to display picture books. Each shelf is 900 mm long and displays 3 to 4 picture books.

Browser Bin Shelf:

This shelf is specifically designed to hold and display your picture books front facing so that children can see the books and can flip through the titles. Unlike book tub shelves the browser bin shelf has a low-profile front lip so that all of the front cover is visible to create maximum impact from your front facing shelves. They sit on brackets that have a 12 degree backward tilt which means the books won’t end up on the floor while the books are being flicked through.

The browser bin shelves also come with 2 divider brackets per shelf to create 3 separate rows of books per shelf.

250 mm deep browser bin shelf will hold approximately 70 – 90 picture books per shelf.

300 mm deep browser bin shelf will hold approximately 90 – 110 picture books per shelf.

Size Options:

The unit is 1100 mm high and 365 mm deep.


1 Bay: 945 mm

2 Bay: 1858 mm

3 Bay: 2771mm

4 Bay: 3684 mm

5 Bay: 4597 mm

Colour Options:

Colours are also available in any of the Dulux Powder Coat range. Please contact us for options.

Note: shelving is made to order so please expect up to 12 weeks for delivery of your shelving.


Hydestor Shelving Specifications

We have a huge range of shelving configurations, heights and colours. If you require different configurations or a bulk order please contact us for pricing.

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