Why Hydestor Library Shelving?

Safety / Quality

You will have peace of mind knowing that Hydestor shelving is the safest and strongest library shelving available. Complies with and exceeds Australian Standards AS/2274.

Free Expert Advice

We are experts in Hydestor library shelving. We offer free advice and library layout consultations on how to best use shelving in your space.


Largest range of shelving accessories available to showcase your books in the best possible way.

WA Owned

We are a local supplier, if you need anything we are just around the corner and can come and visit your library to provide advice.


Hydestor shelving is flexible; you can always add on shelving at a later date and you have flexibility to move different shelves to different bays with ease. For example, flat shelves can be made into angled display shelves just by changing the brackets.

Safety Features Vital for Your Library
  1. Massive Shelf Loadings
  2. Made of high tensile steel
  3. 2:1 Collapse Factor
  4. Safety Back Brace Feature
  5. Seismic Bracing
  6. Smooth Edged Shelves

Powdercoated with the Dulux powders range, you will be sure to find a colour that will suit your space. WA Library Supplies library consultant can come and help you choose a perfect colour.

CUAFRN2017 Supplier

WA Library Supplies is a supplier on the CUAFRN2017 Office and Classroom Furniture for Panel A, B & C.

Safety Features in Detail

1. Massive Shelf Loadings

The standard Hydestor Shelf Loading of 70kg for a 250mm deep shelf exceeds the Australian Standard of 50kg.

2. High Tensile Steel

Allows for shelf deflection; Hydestor shelves may deflect slightly under a heavy load but will return to normal when the load is reduced. Sheet steel shelves will deflect permanently.

3. Collapse Factor

Hydestor shelving also have a 2:1 collapse factor, that is, shelves will not collapse unless overloaded with twice the rated safe load – for a 250mm deep shelf with a safe loading rate of 70kg the collapse rating is 140kg.

4. Back Braces

Hydestor back braces come with a unique safety locking device which prevents dislodgement (a feature not included in all shelving systems) and ensures the shelving is incredibly sturdy and safe.

5. Seismic Bracing

As an additional safety feature we will install seismic bracing (diagonal rods and turnbuckles) where posts exceed 1.875m high and on all Rollaway shelving. This stiffens the units, protecting them from lateral movements.

6. Smooth Edged Shelves

Shelves have a rolled front and back edge to increase strength and stability and to prevent cuts caused by sharp edges.