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Slat Wall Straight Book Holders


From: $51.00

End of shelf displays get noticed. 

Use these acrylic book holders to display your books on your slat wall end panels at the end of your shelving bays to showcase relevant titles.

Fitted with slat wall tabs on top of holder positioning and moving these will take no time at all, simply tilt the acrylic and clip in.

The acrylic display sits flat against your slat wall panels to reduce the risk of damage to the holder.

Books are held in place with the 70mm high front lip.

  • Locally made from 3mm thick acrylic.
  • 70mm High front lip to hold books in.
  • two width sizes to choose from

Item Number: 2607 | Straight Book Holder Large | 180mm H x 600mm W x 30mm D
Item Number: 4610 | Straight Book Holder Small | 180mm H x 430mm W x 30mm D


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