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Genre Junior Slimline Laminated Sticker Set

SKU: S930

$79.20 inc GST

Divide your Junior Fiction section into genres from the SCIS fiction subject headings.

Each sign has a Genre subject heading with a matching graphic on a bright yellow background for easy visibility. The graphics images match our Junior Genre Spine Labels range.

Can be use on our Slimline Acrylic Divider Stands or our  Acrylic Collection Dividers

  • Laminated vinyl adhesive stickers
  • Set of 16 signs
  • Genre title and image on a yellow background
  • Matches with Junior Genre Spine Labels range.
  • Each label is 210mm H x 40mm W
Family & RelationshipsCrime
Historical FictionAnimal Stories
HumourSchool Stories
FantasyDiary Stories
AdventureAustralian Stories
Science Fiction
Sport Fiction

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